Question: How Long Is Lacazette Contract?

When did Arsenal buy lacazette?

5 July 2017Lacazette was given the number 9 jersey.

On 5 July 2017, Lacazette signed a reported five-year deal for Premier League club Arsenal for a club record fee; Lyon disclosed that the fee was an initial €53 million (£46.5 million) plus up to €7 million (£6.1 million) in potential bonuses..

How old is Willian of Chelsea?

32 years (August 9, 1988)Willian/Age

How much did Arsenal pay Aubameyang?

On 31 January 2018, Aubameyang signed for Premier League club, Arsenal, for a then-club-record fee, reported to be £56 million.

How old is lacazette?

29 years (May 28, 1991)Alexandre Lacazette/Age

How much did Arsenal buy Ozil for?

In 2013, Özil was the subject of a club record association football transfer when signed for Arsenal in a transfer worth £42.5 million (€50 million), making him the then-most expensive German player of all time.

Is lacazette back from injury?

Alexandre Lacazette will be out until October as he recovers from an injury to his left ankle, leaving Arsenal short of attacking options during a spell that brings seven matches in three weeks. Arsenal confirmed that Lacazette had been playing through an “ongoing ankle issue” for weeks and would return next month.

How old is Aubameyang?

31 years (June 18, 1989)Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang/Age

How much did Arsenal pay for Ozil?

18.2 million GBP (2020)Mesut Özil/Salary

How much did Arsenal pay for Lacazette?

4.2 million EUR (2016)Alexandre Lacazette/Salary

Where is lacazette from?

Lyon, FranceAlexandre Lacazette/Place of birth

How much is aubameyang worth?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang net worth: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a French professional soccer player who has a net worth of $30 million. He is best known for being the captain of Arsenal and the Gabon national team.

How much is lacazette worth?

The striker, who was signed by the Gunners in the summer of 2017, has an estimated net worth of $15million (£12million), according to Forbes. He’s made his money by a mix of commercial deals, sponsorships and club contracts.

Does lacazette have a wife?

Is Alexandre Lacazette married? Lacazette has not confirmed his marital status, but he is thought to be unmarried.

What car does lacazette drive?

0.9 matchesClub/FootballerReportedly Owned CarCar Paid Off InJack WilshereFerrari 458128 mins playedAlexandre LacazetteFerrari 48892 mins playedJavier HernandezAston Martin DB989 mins playedCesc FabregasAston Martin DB980 mins played60 more rows

How old is martial?

24 years (December 5, 1995)Anthony Martial/Age

How many minutes has lacazette played this season?

Alexandre Lacazette’s Form Analysis Alexandre Lacazette is a Forward who has appeared in 7 matches this season in Premier League, playing a total of 490 minutes.

How many goals has Lacazette scored this year?

3 goalsHow many goals has Alexandre Lacazette scored this season? In the current season Alexandre Lacazette scored 3 goals. In the club he scored 3 goals ( Premier League, Europa League , Capital One).

What position does lacazette?

ForwardAlexandre Lacazette/Position