Question: How Many Shots Did Kobe Take When He Scored 81?

What was Kobes FG when he scored 81?

As the Lakers scored a 122-104 comeback victory at home, Bryant finished with 81 points on 28-of-46 shooting, including 7-of-13 from 3-point range, and 18-of-20 from the foul line..

What did Kobe eat before games?

Kobe spent night before 81-point game eating pizza, drinking grape soda | Friday marks the 10th anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s historic 81-point outburst against the Toronto Raptors.

Who beat Kobe Bryant score?

LeBron JamesLeBron James has scored the third-most points in NBA history. The Los Angeles Lakers star entered Saturday night’s matchup against the 76ers needing just 18 points to pass fellow Lakers legend Kobe Bryant (33,643).

How old was Kobe died?

41 years (1978–2020)Kobe Bryant/Age at death

What was Kobe’s last words?

Kobe Bryant’s Last Words Revealed: Texted His Agent To Help Get A Friend’s Daughter A Job.

Who guarded Kobe when he scored 81?

Morris PetersonMorris Peterson (Raptors guard): I was defending Kobe, but I got two fouls early in the game so I was never really in the mix of the game like I would have wanted to. I came back in the game and got another foul, so I couldn’t be as aggressive on defence as I wanted to be. I remember seeing a look in Kobe’s eyes.

How many shots did Kobe take in his final game?

50 shotsHe took 50 shots, setting an NBA game record. That was an irony he enjoyed quite a bit. “The thing that had me cracking up all night long is, I go through 20 years of everybody screaming to pass the ball,” Bryant said with a grin.

What does Mamba stand for?

Inspired by the code name for a deadly assassin in Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 movie “Kill Bill,” Bryant adopted the nickname to separate his life on and off the court, according to a 2014 interview with The New Yorker.

What was Michael Jordan’s lowest scoring game?

The worst night occurred when Jordan registered the worst single-game shooting performance of his career, going 1-of-9 for just two points on Dec. 15, 2002, against the Toronto Raptors.

What college did Kobe Bryant attend?

Lower Merion High SchoolKobe Bryant/Schools

What was Michael Jordan’s highest score?

69 pointsOn this day in Chicago Bulls history, Michael Jordan scored a career-high 69 points against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Why was Kobe number 8 and 24?

Bryant came into the NBA wearing No. 8, the sum of the digits on his jersey (143) at the Adidas ABCD camp for high school stars. After 10 years, Bryant wanted a fresh start, so he began wearing No. 24, the number he’d worn as a freshman in high school.

What was Michael Jordan’s highest scoring game ever?

One year before his first Finals run, Jordan logged his best scoring game ever. On March 28, 1990, Michael Jordan scored a career-best 69 points in the Bulls’ 117-113 overtime win against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How many assist did Kobe have in his 81 point game?

two assistsHere are Kobe’s stats in the high-scoring game: 81 points, six rebounds, two assists, three steals, and one block. Notable: He shot a blistering 28-46 from the field, making over 50 percent of his shots from behind the arc to the rim.

How long did Kobe play in his 81 point game?

Record 81-point game Bryant made 28 out of 46 shots and added another 18 free throws over the course of a stunning 42 minutes. He scored 27 points in the third quarter and another 28 points in the final period.