Quick Answer: How Do You Counter Medusa?

How do you counter Medusa mid?

Best way to counter Medusa?The most obvious answer you’ll get is: choose heroes that can burn away mana (Antimage, QW Invoker, or Necro carriers).

Contain her early/mid game.

Medusa will typically not build a BKB, but will often build a manta.More items….

How do you counter Medusa late game?

Picking another late game carry like spectre or sven can help, but you should try and avoid games going too late. Try picking AM, and get online before her, then crush her due to mana burn. Nyx with constant ganks is also good, and PL/Spectre with diffusal blade are if the game will go late.

How do you counter Meepo?

ItemsBlack King Bar can protect a hero from Poof and Earthbind.Butterfly greatly improves survivability against Meepo, as he can’t effectively counter evasion.Scythe of Vyse, Orchid Malevolence, and. Abyssal Blade can disable a lone Meepo from escaping with Poof.Manta Style, Lotus Orb, and.

Who counters anti mage?

Arcane Boots keeps the team’s mana high, reducing the damage from Mana Void. Scythe of Vyse prevents Anti-Mage from Blinking away. Abyssal Blade prevents Anti-Mage from Blinking away. Orchid Malevolence prevents Anti-Mage from Blinking away.

Why is Meepo so strong?

Meepo, when played right, has the potential to kill two or three enemy heroes at once, therefore making him extremely strong. The developers needed a way to balance him, otherwise he could shred the entire enemy team and make everyone quit or something.

How do you counter storm spirit?

Global Silence can be used to block Storm Spirit from connecting abilities after a Ball Lightning on his targets….Bad against… EditMana Break can quickly burn Storm Spirit’s mana, preventing him from escaping.Blink allows Anti-Mage to catch up to Storm Spirit when he tries to use his Ball Lightning to escape.More items…

How do you kill Medusa in Dota?

ItemsDiffusal Blade burns away the mana Medusa needs for Mana Shield also its active ability will slow her down.Necronomicon provides mana burning summons, and Split Shot makes Medusa especially vulnerable to getting hit with Last Will.More items…

Who counters faceless void?

Scythe of Vyse prevents Faceless Void from casting any spells or items as well as attacking, a more reliable version of Orchid Malevolence. Eul’s Scepter of Divinity can stop Faceless Void from acting in his Chronosphere, protecting whoever he trapped inside.

How do you counter anti Mage late game?

Get Tinker in your team, once he has farmed Scythe he can permasheep Anti-mage due to his ulti. Getting Scythe on Tinker isn’t too hard since you will probably get Boots of Travel and just farm. This is a very good way to shut anti-mage down in mid and late game.

How do you counter Sven?

Spectral Dagger hinders Sven’s low movement speed, and can be an easy tool to escape against his high damage. Dispersion makes it harder for Sven to burst down Spectre in one on one fights, and can reflect Sven’s high damage back to him or his nearby teammates. Blink Dagger.

Does Medusa ULT go through BKB?

Now this is the most broken skill in the game. For 6 seconds no one can fight her, even with bkb. She can only use her ulti to escape because she’s useless in early-mid games.