Quick Answer: Which Is Better M31 Or A21s?

Which Samsung phone is the best 2020?

Best Samsung phones 2020Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is just right.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The Ultra done right.

Samsung Galaxy S20.

The most one-hand-friendly version of Samsung’s flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The ultimate flagship – at an ultimate price.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus..

How old is Samsung a21s?

Samsung Galaxy A21sThe Samsung Galaxy A21sBrandSamsungFirst released15 May 2020Availability by regionJune 2, 2020PredecessorSamsung Galaxy A20s26 more rows

Is a21s waterproof?

Is Samsung Galaxy A21s waterproof? The Samsung Galaxy A21s does not have a water resistance certification so you should avoid coming into contact with liquids and creams.

Is a51 worth buying?

Even though the MSRP of the Samsung Galaxy A51 is $399, it can already be had for much less. … At that price, it’s hard to ignore the value Samsung is offering with the phone. With the A51, you’re getting a really great screen, decent build quality, some okay cameras, and even a headphone jack.

Which Samsung Series is best A or J?

With the J series, Samsung is more focused on affordability rather than performance. That’s why the best, priciest, and most recent member of the J series (Galaxy J8) come with a 1.8GHz Octa Core processor and 3GB RAM, whereas that of the A series clocks up to 2.2GHz and come with 6GB of RAM.

Is a21s good for gaming?

The Galaxy A21S features an Infinity-O punch hole display and quad camera setup. … While the A21S’ 6.5 in AMOLED display should provide a decent in-hand experience, the sluggish chipset makes this phone a hard pass for anyone looking to run titles like PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile at higher settings.

Why is m31 better than a51?

More Storage Capacity Around 100% more inbuilt memory than Samsung Galaxy M31. More memory allows you to store more songs, videos, photos and install more applications.

Is Samsung a21s good?

It is a tough job keeping up the Galaxy A series even for us, let alone for a regular user. There is one simple rule though – the lower the model number, the cheaper the phone. And the new Galaxy A21s isn’t an exception – it’s one very affordable smartphone with enough punch to make it an attractive offer.

Which series is best in Samsung?

These are the best Samsung phonesSamsung Galaxy S10 Plus. … Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. … Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. … Samsung Galaxy A51. … Samsung Galaxy S20. … Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. … Samsung Galaxy A90 5G. 5G from Samsung without the price hike. … Samsung Galaxy A80. Good phones don’t have to break the bank.More items…

Is m31 good for gaming?

The Galaxy M31 makes use of the Exynos 9611 SoC that was also present on the Samsung Galaxy M30s. … The Redmi Note 8 Pro, the POCO X2 and the Realme XT are much better options that will handle gaming better than the M31. Apart from gaming performance, the RAM management on the M31 is good.

Is Samsung m31 fast charging?

The Galaxy M31 had come with support for 15W charging. The M31s will be arriving with be equipped with the enhanced 25W fast charging support. The Galaxy M31 had a waterdrop notch display.

Which is the best Samsung phone to buy in 2020?

Best Samsung phones 2020Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. … Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. … Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. … Samsung Galaxy S10. … Samsung Galaxy Note 20. … Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. The most futuristic phone of 2020. … Samsung Galaxy A80. Samsung’s best affordable smartphone so far. … Samsung Galaxy S10e. A more affordable S10.More items…

Is Samsung m31 has Gorilla Glass?

The Samsung Galaxy M31 features a 6.4-inch full HD+ Infinity U AMOLED display with 1080×2340 pixel resolution. The display is protected with a coating of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The smartphone runs the latest Android 10 operating system topped with Samsung’s own One UI 2.0.

Which is better a21s or m31?

It would potentially help you understand how Samsung Galaxy M31 stands against Samsung Galaxy A21s and which one should you buy….Samsung Galaxy M31 vs Samsung Galaxy A21s.SpecificationSamsung Galaxy M31Samsung Galaxy A21sOSAndroid v10.0Android v10CPU2.3 GHz, Octa Core Processor2 GHz, Octa Core ProcessorPrice₹15,499₹14,4993 more rows•Feb 25, 2020

Which is better a21s or m21?

The current lowest price found for Samsung Galaxy A21s is ₹13,999 and for Samsung Galaxy M21 is ₹13,742….Samsung Galaxy A21s vs Samsung Galaxy M21.SpecificationSamsung Galaxy A21sSamsung Galaxy M21Battery5000 mAh, Li-Po Battery6000 mAh, Li-Po BatteryInternal Memory64 GB64 GBRAM4 GB4 GB3 more rows•Mar 18, 2020

Is a21s worth buying?

Looking at the specs and features of the latest Galaxy A21s, it doesn’t seem worth buying for Rs. 16,499. Its features like a plastic body, HD+ display, mediocre camera specs aren’t good enough to fit it into the mid-range segment in India, which is already very crowded with some very amazing phones.

Is m31 waterproof?

Since there is no official IP waterproof rating for the Galaxy M31 smartphone, it simply means it is not waterproof. However, we will still conduct a waterproof test which will comprise of all waterproof, splashproof, and dustproof tests.